Talec Arashi (talec18415) wrote,
Talec Arashi

Because I just /don't/ have enough to do this month

I found Librarything, which is providing me with all kinds of amusement. Here's my profile. :3 At the moment, I've added every book that's on the shelves behind me (93 books); I've got two other bookshelves to add..

*merrily procrastinates*

Random edit: The internet never ceases to amaze me, as to how it can change /any/ word into a verb. "I can verb anything."

Random edit #2:
[18:56:02] * Tallgeese tags her DragonballZ manga. 'manga, science fantasy, good versus evil, lots of fighting'
[18:57:34] * Azureman tags Talec. 'fangirl, mech-obsessed'
[18:58:19] <Tallgeese> :D
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